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We produce a range of Scottish outdoor and transport books, details of which you will find below. All of our titles are available from Amazon for Kindle and Kindle apps and a small number are available in paperback format.

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'I met James on a few occasions when I was on holiday in Kinlochbervie. He always appeared to me as a tough man, he used to wear an open shirt in all weathers, when I was always wrapped up. I found this book very interesting and funny in parts, he was a bit of a rogue sometimes, it is also a little sad in places. I highly recommend reading this book, you will not be disappointed. I loved it.'


'Very interesting story. James Mcroy Smith the last wild man of the North. This book is a good read. I couldn't put it down.'


'Having recently been to Cape Wrath and Sandwood Bay I wanted to find a book about Highland living and life and stumbled upon this book. It is an utter delight to read, especially having visited and loved the area, I feel I can visualise a lot of the book. I can't describe how the trip and now this book has made me feel. Highly recommended.'


'A mysterious man. Most of this book is compiled of recollections of him and his life by others who knew of him, or lived in close proximity near him. I am so glad I read this book and that James Carron took the time to write what we know of his story. This was of local interest for me too, which made it doubly good.'

Highland Hermit

James McRory Smith lived for over 30 years at Strathchailleach, one of the most remote cottages in the Britain Isles. Standing in the shadow of the squat stone structure, it is hard to imagine a more isolated spot. The building sits alone in a vast tract of empty, featureless terrain to the south of Cape Wrath, in Sutherland. There is no access road, no running water, no electricity and no telephone. Yet James McRory Smith survived here, battered by the elements and devoid of human company. His story is a fascinating account of a man pitting his wits against the wilderness, enduring endless isolation and existing, for a large part, off the land. James’ lifestyle belonged to a bygone age, yet he lived it in the 20th century, turning his back on the luxuries and conveniences of the modern world. This biography provides readers with an inspiring account of a modern day hermit. It offers a rare insight into an alternative way of life, one that is far removed from the norm. At a time when people are becoming increasingly concerned about consumption and consumerism, and their impact on the environment, James McRory Smith’s story demonstrates the practicalities and challenges of the frugal, self-sufficient lifestyle many people dream of. However, this is not intended simply as a social history, is also a true-life story of adventure and survival.


Highland Hermit

James McRory Smith lived the life of a hermit for over 30 years in one of the most remote corners of the British Isles. His story is a fascinating account of a man pitting his wits against the wilderness, enduring endless isolation and existing, for a large part, off the land.

Bothies, Huts & Howffs in the Hills - Perthshire & Angus

Scotland has a long tradition of 'bothying' and, while the better known ones are easily found, one of the great pleasures of exploring the nation's mountains and glens is stumbling upon one for the first time. This guide lists unlocked habitable shelters, ranging from comfortable, well-equipped bothies to simple wooden huts and howffs offering protection from the elements, a place to break for lunch or a bolthole in an emergency.

Wild Camping in Scotland

A comprehensive guide to wild camping in Scotland, this book offers expert advice and practical tips on all aspects of pitching up in the great outdoors, from selecting a suitable tent to finding the best spots to camp.

It also includes 30 ‘perfect pitches’, great wild camping locations in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Revised and updated 2015.

West Highland Way Round

The West Highland Way Round is a 99km trail encompassing some of the wildest and most spectacular scenery in Scotland. Starting and finishing in Glen Nevis, Fort William, the six-stage circuit passes through Glencoe and crosses Rannoch Moor, one of the last great wilderness areas in the British Isles.

Scottish Loch & Reservoir Walks

A collection of 30 accessible Scottish loch and reservoir walks, ranging in length from short one and a half mile strolls to longer hikes of up to nine miles. The routes cover varying degrees of difficulty and different types of terrain, from gently undulating surfaced paths to more challenging adventures through remote country.

Angus Coastal Trail

Angus has a proud maritime heritage and a wonderful coastline to explore. While a formal coastal path remains in development there are plenty of well-trod seaside paths and cliff top trails linking fine beaches, dramatic geological features and secluded coves. This book links up these paths and tracks to create a 68km route.

Last Flight of the Diamond Bomber

An investigation into events leading up to the mysterious loss of a Cold War bomber in the Scottish Highlands, this book reveals the story behind the aircraft's deployment to Britain and examines just why the ill-fated flight ended so tragically.

Ghosts of Barlinnie

Ten men each took eight steps across the gallery of Barlinnie Prison’s D-Hall, a final short walk from the grim confines of the condemned cell to the scaffold. This book explores their lives and the crimes that warranted the death sentence.


Scottish Narrow Gauge Railways

A comprehensive encyclopaedia charting the history of narrow gauge railways in Scotland, from the earliest horse-drawn lines through the era of steam to later operations where diesel, petrol and electric locomotives were employed. Illustrated with maps, photographs and plans, the book describes hundreds of lines, ranging from temporary construction railways to more extensive industrial and passenger networks, and the locomotives that worked them.

Scotland's Island Railways

A guide to Scotland's narrow gauge railways, charting the history of each one, detailing the rolling stock and methods of operation, and offering tips for those setting out to explore what remains of these fascinating and often forgotten little lines.

The Lost Village of Pollphail

The abandoned village of Pollphail is a legacy of the early optimism of the North Sea oil boom. Mired in financial scandal, it is an uncomfortable reminder of the cost of failure. Built to house an army of migrant workers, it was never occupied and for over 35 years has lain empty.

My Hernia Op

Hernia repair is one of the most common surgical procedures. Based on the author's own personal experience and blending expert advice with helpful tips, this book guides you through the whole process, from initial diagnosis to the operation itself and then recovery.





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