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A Field Guide

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Secret Scotland

By James Carron

Welcome to Scotland...

Not to the Scotland of glossy tourist brochures, airbrushed landscape photographs, coach parties, visitor centres and woollen mill cafes, but to a nation of secret, treasured places, free of crowds and tartan trappings.

Here, we veer off the well-trod tourist trail and wander down backroads and byways to reveal the country’s unusual and offbeat attractions, quirky curiosities and hidden gems, secluded and less well-known spots that await discovery.

Of the 50 attractions in the book, most can be visited at any time of the year, day or night, with no booking required or admission charged.

So, whether you want to wish upon an ancient stone, spend the night in a Royal lodge or hermit’s bothy, drive an alpine road, climb a manmade hill, spot gnomes all at sea, descend into a pagan canyon or see where oil rigs go to die, pack a bag and enjoy the journey…

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West Highland Way Round 

A 99km Walking Trail

By James Carron

The West Highland Way Round is a 99km walking trail encompassing some of the wildest and most spectacular scenery in Scotland.

Beginning and ending in Glen Nevis, at the foot of Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis, the six-stage circuit passes through mountainous Glencoe and crosses Rannoch Moor, one of the last vestiges of wilderness in the British Isles.

Along the way it visits the once industrious frontier town of Kinlochleven, Scotland’s oldest inn at King's House, remote Rannoch and Corrour stations on the West Highland Line, Loch Ossian and Loch Treig, and spectacular Steall Falls.

Following established paths and tracks and historic rights of way, including the iconic Road to the Isles, this unofficial long distance trail weaves a course through lonely West Highland glens lying in the shadows of mighty mountains.

Fully illustrated with photographs and maps, this detailed guide for walkers and backpackers provides all the information needed to plan and undertake an expedition along the way, a less crowded and more challenging alternative to the West Highland Way.

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An Old Favourite

Highland Hermit

The Remarkable Life of James McRory Smith

By James Carron

Fully revised and updated 2020

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James McRory Smith lived for over 30 years at Strathchailleach, one of the most remote cottages in the Britain Isles. Standing in the shadow of the squat stone structure, it is hard to imagine a more isolated spot. The building sits alone in a vast tract of empty, featureless terrain to the south of Cape Wrath, in Sutherland. There is no access road, no running water, no electricity and no telephone.
Yet James McRory Smith survived here, battered by the elements and devoid of human company. His story is a fascinating account of a man pitting his wits against the wilderness, enduring endless isolation and existing, for a large part, off the land. James’ lifestyle belonged to a bygone age, yet he lived it in the 20th century, turning his back on the luxuries and conveniences of the modern world.

This biography provides readers with an inspiring account of a modern day hermit. It offers a rare insight into an alternative way of life, one that is far removed from the norm. At a time when people are becoming increasingly concerned about consumption and consumerism, and their impact on the environment, James McRory Smith’s story demonstrates the practicalities and challenges of the frugal, self-sufficient lifestyle many people dream of. However, this is not intended simply as a social history, is also a true-life story of adventure and survival.


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